January 31, 2010

Green Bulbs

A few weeks ago the lightbulb over our stove blew out. So it sat on our kitchen table for a few days. (I'm really bad at throwing things out). A very good friend who had been hanging out in my kitchen noticed this lonely broken lightbulb and sent me a link to a DIY site that described how to hollow out lightbulbs. Of course ten minutes later, I couldn't think of anything else, and absolutely needed to break open the bulb.

It actually proved to be less step-by-step than the site suggests, and more mash-at-the-glass-until-it-breaks-without-shattering-the-lightbulb. But nonetheless a relatively simple thing to do. (If you plan on doing this yourself, just make sure you hold the lightbulb in a towel and not bare hands, in case the glass shatters).
Since then, the lightbulb in our living room also blew (I get really excited when our lightbulbs die now). One of them serves as a vase for a cutting from our house plant, and the other is a mini terrarium for a ginger root sprout. I have no idea what a ginger plant looks like. I am curious to see how big it will grow and if it will eventually explode the lightbulb.


  1. These are so fantastic. I am in awe of your creative multi-talents whenever and however they manifest. It will be great to have a place to check out what you are up to! Love your editing site as well, by the way. You've been busy!

  2. Hello. How did you get these to hang straight?

    Very neat :)

  3. I twisted a ring of wire around the cap (or base) of the lightbulb and tied two pieces of string to the wire directly opposite each other.
    Also, the weight of the water or earth helps to keep the bulb level.