January 24, 2010

View From My Kitchen Window

This painting is based on the view I see from my kitchen window every morning while eating breakfast and drinking tea. It's 23" x 37" and hangs on the wall in my living room. I painted it using black and white acrylics on canvas.

A few months ago, the Bloorcourt area sent out a call for art. The BIA was putting up new banners, and Ghazaleh Etezal, the woman in charge of the project, decided to take advantage of this fact and start a street art gallery. I obviously thought this was an ingenious idea, so I submitted two pieces which are now hanging on Bloor, between Shaw and Ossington. One of them is based on this painting. The second banner was based on a detail of a little sketch I did this summer of my very awesome Miele bike Lil' Red Thunder. It's hanging between Cyclemania and the LCBO.

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