February 18, 2010

Little Creatures

I was inspired by Adam Elliot's film Mary and Max. It is a beautiful stop animation film - a very sensitive portrayal of a man with Asperger's and his friendship with a young girl named Mary. When Mary is a child, she is obsessed with a TV show called the Noblets. She loves the characters but her parents cannot afford to buy the Noblet toy collection, so she makes her own out of sticks and pebbles. These are the little creatures I was inspired to make.

And of course, they are made of Fimo! They were shaped out of white Fimo, with sticks for the arms and legs, and little pieces of wire. They were hardened in the oven and painted with acrylics. After they were dry, I covered them with a clear coat of glossy acrylic varnish. They each stand a little less than 2" high.

They are probably the ugliest little creatures I have ever made, but I think they all look genuinely happy, like they are celebrating some joyous occasion. When my roommate first saw them, she said, "I like that they're all carrying gats."


  1. would you be willing to sell these by any chance?

  2. Yes, I would! I was actually thinking of putting some up in my etsy shop. Let me know what you have in mind. You can message me at littleprojectiles[at]gmail.com