March 17, 2010

Ink in Water

I shot this little video through a clear glass bowl filled with water sitting in a bright, sunny window.
I dripped single drops of blue and red food colouring into the water one at a time.
I then brought the footage into a video editing program called Final Cut Pro,
and edited the images to a song called Spanish Armada by Ratatat.
I boosted the contrast a bit and sped up a few shots, but did not add any other effects.

I actually shot this as a camera test for my newly acquired Canon T2i - if you are
interested in the specs (f-stop, ISO etc), you can see all the details on my vimeo channel
which I share with my creative collaborator and talented cinematographer, Maya Bankovic.
There is another camera test also posted there which was shot by her.

March 13, 2010

Live Projection

Last night I created some live projections for a band called The Skeletones Four.
Over the past week, I had collected a whole bunch of video clips that linked thematically
to their music (lots of skeletons and images that are reminiscent of vertebrae).
There were about 30 clips that I brought into a program called Modul8, which allows
you to mix and sample images similar to how a DJ might sample music.
My friend Jared taught me how to sync up images with the beat of the song and to use
various other modules in the program (a lot of which are open source and allow
you to create all sorts of cool effects).

It was kind of a cross between live video editing and making music with images.

March 5, 2010


For Nuit Blanche 2008, I painted masks for myself and two friends. We romped around the city until early morning, disappointed by most of the art, but nevertheless having a wild time. Several people approached us that night, asking to take our pictures and telling us we were the most interesting things they had seen so far. 
Also I discovered that wearing a mask is one surefire way of getting attention.

Painted with: acrylics, shimmer and glue.

March 1, 2010

Heart Collage

For this collage I cut up passages from various journals: medical journals concerning the heart, essays on the psychology of happiness, articles about the history of heart symbolism etc.
I sketched the image of the heart with pencil, and overlaid it with gear schematics and tree branches. Underneath it all is a map of the city. I put all these layers together in photoshop.