April 16, 2010


Several years ago, when I was still in school, I decided to make a quilt.
I chose to sew it entirely by hand, and it needed to be easily
portable so that I could bring it with me wherever I went.
I ended up doing most of the sewing in my Critical Thinking class
(which I really liked, but where I never felt the need to take notes).
I pre-cut the triangles, so all I needed were a needle and thread,
and a few pins to sew the little squares together.

April 8, 2010

Flower Cake

A while ago my friend took me to a cute little tea/cake shop called the Red Tea Box on Queen Street. They had the most beautiful cakes I had ever seen, and I immediately decided I wanted to become a cake decorator. I inquired about the prices of some of the larger wedding cakes and they were in the $3,000 range. At first I was shocked, but then realized that these weren't ordinary cakes, they were works of art. Just because they were edible, there was no reason they couldn't also be considered sculpture.

Anyway, as these things go, I eventually realized that making the transition from film editor to cake decorator was probably not the right career move. But I was inspired by the challenge.

I had never baked a proper cake, let alone worked with fondant before. Being the frugal person that I am, I decided to make my own fondant using marshmallows, rather than buying the more expensive stuff - which I am told is more pliable and much easier to work with.

I'll admit it wasn't the most tasty confection - the fondant was sickeningly sweet, as most fondants are - one bite was enough to give you a sugar-headache for a week. And the oval shape was not the most adventurous, but I was pretty happy with my first attempt at cake decorating. Who knows, one day I might still quit my job and knock on the door of the bakery down my street, asking if they'd like to hire me as a resident Cake Sculptor.

April 6, 2010

Skylar and Raoul

I forgot about these little puppets made back in 2007 until last night. I made Skylar, the emo kid, and my friend Maya made Raoul, his unlikely buddy, as a birthday present for a mutual friend. Skylar is wearing blue Chuck Taylors and has a love poem in his back pocket.