August 27, 2010

Bird Pendant

I wanted to make a ceramic pendant for my second little sister's birthday.
Not knowing much about ceramics, and not having access to a kiln,
I decided to cheat and make one out of polymer clay.
I rolled out a clay coin with a little hole at the top and hardened it in the oven.
I drew the design onto a piece of paper so that I could get better detail, and painted over it with
cobalt blue acrylic paint.
I then glued the paper onto the clay, covering it with several layers of white glue.
I finished it with a thick coat of high gloss resin, which created a slightly domed surface.
It's not ceramic, but I think it looks pretty close!


  1. Hey! This is gorgeous. This may seem a bit weird, but would you be willing to make a few more, for money? We (there's two of us!) are York U students and pals with Dusty. And obviously love pendants.

  2. Yeah for sure!
    Send me a message (
    and we can talk about what you have in mind.