September 10, 2010

Four More Pendants

Materials: polymer clay, acrylic paint, high gloss resin


  1. Hey Nadia. I've been keeping up with your blog - everything looks amazing, as ever (also love the photoblog idea. Very cool.) Noticing your affinity for bicycles, and wondering if it translates to all things mechanical. You should check out the website of a woman I used to work with in Edmonton (she's in Guelph now, I think). Her website is:
    She does lots of stuff with tractors, gears, infrastructure, etc. Might be something you'd enjoy.

  2. Thanks Annie! I'm glad you like my work. And yes, I like how you noticed my love of gears and mechanical things, I will definitely have to check out your friend's site!

  3. Is this still available?

  4. Yes! The tree and bicycle are for sale in my etsy shop:

    If you are interested in one of the other two, send me a message at littleprojectiles[at] and we can arrange something!