February 20, 2011

Knitted Scarves

Two new scarves that I recently knitted as birthday presents for friends.
The one on the left is a pattern called Old Shale - such a fun and easy pattern to knit!
It's easy to memorize and I love the wavy lines it creates.
The one on the right is a simple twisted cable pattern that I just kind of figured out as I went along.

Cast on 38 stitches
Work in multiples of 18 stitches (+2)
Row 1 - Knit entire row
Row 2 - K1 - Purl row - K1
Row 3 - K1 - (K2tog)x 3 - (YO, K1)x6 - (K2tog)x6 - (YO, K1)x6 - (K2tog)x3 - K1
Row 4 - Knit entire row

February 15, 2011

Knitted Rag Rug

I just finished knitting this rag rug - made entirely out of old bedsheets.
I tore the sheets into thin strips, and used it as "yarn".
It is so warm and comfy and soft!
I was inspired by Alli at One Pearl Button who got the pattern from Coco Knits.

February 3, 2011


I crocheted these snowflakes and dipped them in sugar water to keep them stiff.
They are hanging, slowly twirling, in my bedroom window.

Lost Mitten

A few nights ago, I lost one of my mittens at a bar.
I looked everywhere and tried to retrace my steps, but could not find it.
Having only one mitten is frustratingly useless (left).
So I decided to knit myself a new mitten, copying the pattern of the original mitt,
the yarn is a slightly different colour, but I think it's close enough, and just as cozy (right)!