March 29, 2011

Birthday Cake

This weekend was my father's birthday, so I made him a birthday cake. 
I used a recipe from Food & Drink Magazine for a Berlin air cake, so delicious! 
I made a few modifications - I added almond flour to the meringue, which makes it even tastier, 
and made white chocolate leaves to decorate the top.
To make the leaves, I brushed the undersides of real leaves with melted chocolate, 
hardened them in the fridge, and then carefully peeled away the leaf, 
leaving behind the white chocolate.
My sisters and I also made a delicious meal...
...some of the appetizers: guacamole, red pepper dip, pico de gallo, deviled eggs...
We stayed at my parents' place on Georgian Bay. 
The lake is still frozen, so still. It's eerily quiet without the sound of the waves.
The sun setting over lake Huron.

March 24, 2011

i saw five ships

Many new ships made out of scraps of tea-stained fabric, bits of thread, and old Now Magazines.

March 23, 2011

Freedom Clothing Collective

My pendants and postcards are now for sale at The Freedom Clothing Collective.
Drop by and check them out in person if you are in the area (Bloor and Ossington)!

March 22, 2011

March: a short series of photos

Starting this week, these pendants will be on sale at The Freedom Clothing Collective.
Yesterday, I put on the finishing touches and made a whole bunch of little tags.
The following is a series of photos of things around my house and a
little preview of things I have been working on.
Please forgive these ipod photos, I didn't have access to my DSLR this week,
but it would seem this Instagram app can make anything look pretty!

The typewriter I have been using to type onto silk and leather.
Detail of a new ship hull.
A bird made out of paper.
A paper bird mobile...

This is a crochet granny square blanket that I finished a little while ago,
I've never been able to take a proper picture of it, but here I think it looks kind of cute.
...and a small collection of buttons

March 18, 2011

Flying Ship

I made this little flying ship out of scraps of thread, cloth, cardboard, buttons and old newspaper.

March 16, 2011

Leather Wallet

I made a proper leather wallet!
Now my fingers are really sore from sewing.
I need to get my hands on a stitching awl before I start developing calluses.
I'm really happy with it, I think I will give it to my father for his birthday.

March 15, 2011

Leather Wallets and an iPod case

Last night my insanely talented friend Olga came over with a bag full of leather scraps. 
We spent the next several hours figuring out how to sew through leather, 
type on leather, stamp on leather, and created a few little leather items. 
I made this ipod case, and created the designs with lino cut stamps.

And I made a little wallet, and added the tree also with a lino cut stamp.
These are just the right size for credit cards, and you can fit a few bills in the front pocket.

March 7, 2011

Messy Monday

I just finished two huge deadlines, working through the weekend,
so I woke up this morning and decided that today was going to be a messy fun Monday.
A friend gave me a huge hunk of beeswax a while ago,
so I decided to melt it down and make candles using plastic egg cartons as molds.
The results are kind of messy - I've never worked with beeswax before,
so they could definitely use some finessing, but they smell wonderful,
and the imperfections make them look good enough to eat!
...and a few walnut candles too.
Then I baked an almond yogurt cake, I still have to ice it and assemble it,
but I tasted a corner and it is delicious.
Also, I started on a few new pendants, these ones are sitting to dry from their first coat of resin.
This is what my kitchen table looked like at around 1pm....probably not the best way to work,
but definitely messy fun.