March 29, 2011

Birthday Cake

This weekend was my father's birthday, so I made him a birthday cake. 
I used a recipe from Food & Drink Magazine for a Berlin air cake, so delicious! 
I made a few modifications - I added almond flour to the meringue, which makes it even tastier, 
and made white chocolate leaves to decorate the top.
To make the leaves, I brushed the undersides of real leaves with melted chocolate, 
hardened them in the fridge, and then carefully peeled away the leaf, 
leaving behind the white chocolate.
My sisters and I also made a delicious meal...
...some of the appetizers: guacamole, red pepper dip, pico de gallo, deviled eggs...
We stayed at my parents' place on Georgian Bay. 
The lake is still frozen, so still. It's eerily quiet without the sound of the waves.
The sun setting over lake Huron.

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