March 22, 2011

March: a short series of photos

Starting this week, these pendants will be on sale at The Freedom Clothing Collective.
Yesterday, I put on the finishing touches and made a whole bunch of little tags.
The following is a series of photos of things around my house and a
little preview of things I have been working on.
Please forgive these ipod photos, I didn't have access to my DSLR this week,
but it would seem this Instagram app can make anything look pretty!

The typewriter I have been using to type onto silk and leather.
Detail of a new ship hull.
A bird made out of paper.
A paper bird mobile...

This is a crochet granny square blanket that I finished a little while ago,
I've never been able to take a proper picture of it, but here I think it looks kind of cute.
...and a small collection of buttons

1 comment:

  1. I did a Google image search for paper bird mobiles to get ideas for making my own. Your mobile was one that caught my eye. I love your work! I adore those necklaces you have up there on the top of this page. I see you don't have those in your etsy shop though wich was a bummer!
    Anyway I just wanted to write a little note to let you know I love your creations!