April 6, 2011

Washi Workshop

I was invited to a workshop at the Japanese Paper Place yesterday on working with
washi (Japanese paper). I discovered konnyaku, which is a starch paste that can be applied
to paper to strengthen it, and make it more malleable.
The focus was on inspiring artists to use washi in non-traditional ways; for sculpture, jewelry,
sewing and all sorts of other applications.
I've always loved paper, and it was so wonderful to be freshly inspired!
The very top picture is some paper that I treated with konnyaku.
The other photos show some of the beautiful paper samples we were given.


  1. washi is beautifull paper, i like use it for kurumie and japanese paper doll

  2. It's amazing this paper. Do you know if it can be used as a rug (on the ground)? thank you

  3. I'm sure it could be woven into a beautiful rug, although I'm not sure how durable it would be. It would be a great experiment!