March 27, 2012

Freedom Clothing - Spring Video Lookbook

I made this video lookbook for Freedom Clothing's spring collection, featuring clothes, accessories
 and toys from tons of local Canadian designers. Check it out!

March 21, 2012

amandine in the garden

I don't normally write about other people's work on this blog, but how could I resist
posting about this beautiful work that is going on under my very own roof?
Meet Amandine Rufin, the talented mixed-media artist who is also my roommate.
She works with paint and bits and pieces of fabric, paper, old postcards,
newspaper, metal and dried flowers. She was kind enough to let me into
her workshop to photograph some of her beautiful pieces.
Her work is delicate, dreamy and textural, and I tried to capture that in these photos. 
If you are interested in seeing her work in person, she will be participating in this 
upcoming One of a Kind Show starting March 28. 
I'd say her work alone is well worth the price of admission!