September 13, 2012

Wedding Dress

This post has been a long time coming, and I am very excited to show you
 the wedding dress I made for my dear friend Maya. Not being a seamstress or a pattern-maker, 
it was an interesting process of trial and error.
 I made a papier mache mold of her body and used it as a body form.
 I decided to treat the process like sculpture, draping the fabric until it formed 
a pleasing shape around her body, and then pinning and sewing it in place. 
You can see some of the process photos below.

The dress is made of two types of silk - a heavier satin and a lighter raw silk crinkled chiffon. 
Above you can see how I constructed the bodice out of the heavier silk. 
I later draped and pleated the chiffon so that there was a little bit of sheer fabric visible. 
The best part was seeing the dress come alive when Maya put it on. 
It moved and flowed in ways I could only dream of! 
Thanks to the lovely and talented Scarlet O'Neill for these photos!

September 11, 2012


I've been loving the pairing of turquoise and gold, so I made a few simple
beaded bracelets with these colours. I also found a name bracelet (middle)
that was put on my mother's wrist by a nurse the day she was born.
Part of me wants to take it apart and string the beads onto a new, wearable bracelet,
but the other part thinks I should keep it just the way it is - it's so tiny!