February 20, 2013

World Book Dictionary

This is a project I did back in 2010, but I recently took some more detailed 
photos of it that I wanted to share.
Click on each image for a more detailed view.

February 1, 2013

More Paper Plates

A couple more 3D paper plates.

Paper Plates

 Being half Dutch, I have a certain nostalgia for Delftware. 
The blue and white ceramics - typically featuring windmills - remind me 
of eating caramel-filled stroopwafels and gingery speculaas 
during sleepovers at my Oma's house.
I made these 3D paper plates for my kitchen by printing out photos of plates,
cutting out the first layer with an X-acto blade, and then gluing
the two layers together with a bit of cardboard in between.