July 11, 2013


It's the middle of summer, which means it's popsicle season! 
What better way to celebrate the season than by freezing fresh fruit juices (among other things)
and making them into delicious treats?

Mango Lassi - mango, greek yogurt, milk
London Fog - earl grey tea latte with scalded milk, a few drops of vanilla and honey
Watermelon - puréed watermelon with vanilla greek yogurt

Sweet Cherry - pitted cherries and greek yogurt all blended up
Lemon Mint - Juice of fresh squeezed lemons, water, sugar and chopped up peppermint
Banana Chocolate - banana, melted chocolate, plain greek yogurt whipped up in a blender

(make sure the mixture is a little sweeter than you want,
as it will taste less sweet once frozen)

1 comment:

  1. These all sound SO good! Definitely going to buy some popsicle molds and make the London Fog ones before the summer is over.